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The site dedicated to hot-rodder's, muscle car enthusiasts, antique and collector car builders, drag racing, and those
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Hot rods, customs and classic American cars make people happy. These cars, unlike any other part of American
culture, extract
"good times", emotions and put smiles on
people's faces... and add a certain electricity in the air

Stay safe and remember... 
There is no such thing as too much horsepower!!!! 


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California Bill to Amend 2018 Exhaust Noise Law Passes Legislature

SEMA Praises Lawmakers for Championing Critical Legislation

SB 112, a budget implementation (trailer) bill, includes text drawn from SEMA-sponsored AB 390, which was authored by Assembly Members Grayson and Jim Frazier in early 2019. Under normal legislative procedure, AB 390 would not have been implemented until January 2020.

“SEMA thanks Assembly Members Grayson, Boerner-Horvath, Ting, and Chen, and Senator Mitchell for their tireless work on behalf of the over 1,700 member companies based in the Golden State,” said Daniel Ingber, SEMA’s Vice President for Legal and Government Affairs. “Thanks to their efforts, enthusiasts in California will continue to be afforded due process under the law.”

SB 112 removes cars from the impact of AB 1824, which was signed into law by then-Governor Jerry Brown in June of 2018. AB 1824 amended how California law enforcement officials issued citations for suspected exhaust noise violations by removing the ability to issue fix-it tickets, which allowed for 30-days to correct a violation. Instead, motorists received an immediate fine. The bill generated significant concern within the specialty automotive aftermarket industry and enthusiast community. Once signed into law by Gov. Newsom, SB 112 will again allow law enforcement to issue fix-it tickets.

Since 2003, exhaust systems installed on motor vehicles in California with a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating of less than 6,000 pounds, other than motorcycles, may not exceed a sound level of 95-decibels when tested under a Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). SB 112 does not change this.  


                                         Enjoy the trip to yesteryear eateries


Featured Drag Strip
Known for the gathering of So Cal car clubs... most notable 
Scotchmen of San Diego


Carlsbad Raceway


  1933 Ford Tudor Model 40
     PPG Triple-Black with House of Kolor Pearl Flames by Pete (Hotdog) Finlin

         June 15, 1979 Gas Lines (San Diego)                                  Opening Day at Carlsbad Raceway, CA

  I Guess You Had To Be There!!           Boyd's First 15" 'Smoothie'          
Belmont Park, San Diego, CA (20's)

                       One Crazy Dragster                                           Early Days of Hauling Stuff in San Diego

         Home-built & Top Award Winner Anglia                        Home-built & Top Award Winner 32 Woodie

           Do NOT hitch a ride on this vehicle                                      Oscars Drive-Inn (check out So Cal Culture)               

             Crazy Cool Bike                                                           Like The 'Sure-Grip' Handles

Keep On Goin...

                          50's Era Olds                         Super Clean 59 Ford Pickup          60 Chevy Impala (nice cruiser)

                      Gota Love Those Flatheads                                    When Quick Lane Changes Are Required

     350 Ramjet From GM Performance (HP/Torque)                             Original 283 Ramjet (1957 Corvette)

                                          That'll Work                                                        Who Said Old-School Headlights Are Boring

                                   Garage Art                                                                       More Garage Art

                                                    Tweedy                                                                      Nice Chevy Hardtop

             Nomads Were Cool Even When They Were New                  Louie Must Have Been A Dapper Kind of Guy

                   The Real Deal                         Bikers Hot Spot                    Local Hangout                Needs Some TLC 

                     324 Olds (punched to 355) Powered 50 Chevy In 1969                                                      Coffee?

       Remember Those Commercials Well                                            Relaxing Somewhere In So Cal

                                              Wow!                                                         'First' Set of 15's... Shipped By Boyd To Builder

                 Taken 'Very' Seriously In 1969... Beep-Beep!!                   All About The Curves (Dan Fink Polished SS Grill)

        33 Ford Tudor Model 40 - Pre-Build Sketch (glass or steel)                               60 Chevy Impala Hardtop


Ever look at something... and ask... who did that? 

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